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oceanopraphic vessel

The ship serves as oceanographic research and suitable for carrying out scientific and technological activity,…

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Cutter Suction Dredger

The Cutter Suction Dredger is reliable , fuel-efficient , has low maintenance costs and is extremely productive…

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This vessel is designed and manufactured for Search and Rescue operations. This vessel has a Mono Hull series…

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Tons Floating Dock 4000-2000-800

The dock is designed for docking of ships up to 4000 ton lightweight at a sea water density of 1025 kg/m3.…

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Latest Products

water jet propulsion system TWJ525

water jet propulsion system TWJ525

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Full Mission High Speed Craft Simulator
Full Mission Train Driving Simulator
DOF Motion Platform 6

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Engine and Diesel Generator

The Marine Propulsion Group belongs to the Marine Industries Organization (MIO). The MPG’s duty is to design,…

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شناور تفریحی نگین


These 5-20 meters Leisure Boats are designed & manufactured for exciting tours for tourists &…

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